Only Through Love

Only Through Love


Constrained by our lonely isolation

Caged in distant flickering points of light

Desperate in a vast wasteland of darkness

Separated by the chasm of communication


Perceiving only dimly the other prisoners

Scattered candles of their bright consciousness

Cruel distance hiding needs of our humanity

Across a gulf filled with loneliness and tears


Only through love we bridge this awesome gap

Crossing fearfully over the deepest abyss

Basking in the warmth of a living flame

Feeling its warm caress, briefly in the night


Gentle touch, the ephemeral kiss …of love


March 2013                                                                                               Tim Kiehl


You’ll notice that these posts have slowed to an even smaller trickle than previously. That’s because I (like many people) have migrated most of my web based interaction to Facebook (again, as tim kiehl or airplayn). I  have also started emergeART on facebook and at (NOT COM)

But enjoy these older pearls of wisdom and, I hope, humor, especially the Singularitarian Song by Charlie Kam, my own Smoking gun of intelligent design (by FSM) and anything about Brian Dalton’s hit Mr. Deity comedy video series, now in it’s fifth season, Support your deity, either the Flying Spaghetti Monster on Mr. Deity, they aren’t jealous gods (well, Mr. Deity MAY be more NEEDY LOL) Watch his MRDEITY  youtube channel video series and then buy the DVD as an offering to the only Deity out there worth supporting

Sam Harris: Science can answer moral questions

Sam Harris just appeared on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show to discuss his new book on this subject, “The Moral Landscape” (Daily Show episodes can be viewed at:

sorry, this is just a blurry cell phone pix

PS: I recently went to a book signing and got an autographed copy, which he inscribed “To the Nth horseman, Sam Harris” (Harris is known, along with Hitchens, Dawkins and Dennet as one of the “four horsemen”)

He also gave a short presentation similar to the one given at TED that can be seen at this link;.

YouTube – Sam Harris: Science can answer moral questions

Stephen Colbert Opening Statement Before Congress

Steven Colbert uses humor to expose people to the plight of the migrant farm
worker and immigrant’s in general, as well as the loss of agricultural
business as shortages of labor force the industry out of the US, and
don’t forget to watch the full episode of ‘The Colbert Report”

YouTube – Stephen Colbert Opening Statement Before Congress


I am the very model of a singularitarian

An entertaining musical explanation of the concepts associated with
“posthumanism” and what it means when someone claims to be a
“Singularitarian” based on a song from Gilbert and Sullivan’s classic
opera “The Pirates of Penzance”

BTW I’m NOT sure I accept Ray Kurtzweil’s ideas about the nature or even the reality of a possible “singularity event” as there may be unknown or even self limiting factors that would counter exponential growth of technology, just as growth of water lilies in a pond is limited by such things as resources and space (but it’s really a creative and witty song LOL)

YouTube – I am the very model of a singularitarian

smoking gun of intelligent design in creation


After visiting this website:

(click on the image to visit it yourself …and be CHANGED!!)

…and after considering this photograph as irrefutable evidence as well as incontrovertible proof that the hand of a cosmic designer must have been involved in creating our most basic components (such as the DNA pictured here), I am seriously Sarcastic considering becoming ordained as a minister in the Pastafarian* Church.

  •              (update 2012: I have recently ordained myself as an appointed representative of Pastafarianism as I was inspired to do by the revealed wisdom of the FSM Himself, may his appendages be forever moist)

All hail to “His Noodliness” the Flying Spaghetti Monster* in all his glory, Amen!

* FSM or “Flying Spaghetti Monster” and the “Pastafarian” church are both parts of a farcical religion created by students at Stanford University as a parody. (When they weren’t at a frat party getting plastered, obviously! LOL). Since it’s inception it hasspread widely among skeptical inquirers, freethinkers and “techy” types.
When I was an engineer in the microelectronics industry I even saw this likeness;etched microscopically into the silicon of a microchip used to make computer circuit. His mysterious hand (limp, of course) is everywhere!